3-hours entry to sauna world

3-hours entry / person
20,00 €
3-hours entry / person
FRIDAY - SUNDAY (+holid.)*
22,00 €
Max. 1 hour passage
to pools - AQUAPARK
5,00 €
+ each new 30 minutes 
+2,50 €
The price of entry includes: 1 bath towel nad 2 blankets*. Any additinal bathlinen is charged as per the valid pricelist.
*(holid.): holidays: price is valid also when we have school or state holidays
SAI Wellness is QUIET and SWIMWEAR FREE zone, for adults only (+18y).

Price list of bath linen  to SAI Wellness

Extra bath linen - renting
BATH TOWEL 100 x 200 cm
+2,00 €
Extra bath linen - renting
+1,00 €
Extra bath linen - renting
+2,00 €

Additional services  

In wellness bar you can buy
In wellness bar you can buy 
Thermal mud
In wellness bar you can buy
HAMMAM package

4 hours entry  LADIES DAY (each third Tuesday of a month) 

4-hours entry / women
TUESDAY (once a month)
25,00 €
Max. 1 hour passage
to pools - AQUAPARKU
5,00 €
+ each new 30 minutes
+2,50 €

The price of entry to SAI Wellness includes: 

  • 2 x Finish dry sauna (outside dry sauna 100°C, bamboo sauna 90°C)
  • Sauna "Russian banya"
  • Salt sauna
  • Turkish sauna-Hammam
  • Aroma steam sauna
  • 2 x Infra sauna
  • 3 whirlpool pools (1 outside)
  • Kneipp walking pool
  • Icefall
  • Japanese garden with outside cooling pool
  • Free entry to sauna ceremonies - see daily schedule
  • Parking
  • Locker
  • PRICE LIST: Massages and body treatments 

    PRICES VALID FROM  January 1st,  2019

    Make a choice and relax!

    Special INFO: 

    Bagni di Pisa Thermal Mud wrap / 60 min
    60,00 €
    A very intensive treatment with thermal water from Bagni Di Pisa with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. The blend of active agents and massage inspired by the „Kabat technique“ visibly rejuvenates the skin and firms up and activates subcutaneous tissue.
    Grotta Giusti Mud  wrap / 60 min
    60,00 €
    This revitalising, purifying, detoxifying and toning full-body wrap treatment will boost your energy and vitality. The treatment is also suitable for men to relieve tension and aches in muscles and joints.
    Aromasoul Ritual Scrub
    60 min
    60,00 €
    A renewing and nourishing peeling ritual combined with an invigorating body massage for smooth, soft and radiant skin.
    Himalayan salt stone 
    60 min
    80,00 €
    Discover the positive effects of a 250 million years old natural Himalayan salt on your skin and body. Combined with a Comfort Zone massage technique and natural products, this treatment guarantees effective detoxification, stimulates metabolism, relieves aches and pains associated with muscles and joints, improves blood circulation, helps slimming and boosts vitality. 
    Oilo rituale 50 min
    36,00 €
    A deep relaxing and personalised full-body treatment with genuine 100% natural products with the scent of essential oil of your choice.
    Aromasoul elements massage / 90 min
    80,00 €
    A unique massage ritual that will take you to different corners of the world: Orient, India, the Mediterranean, and Arabia.
    Tranquility PRO SLEEP body ritual / 100 min
    90,00 €
    A unique relaxation ritual inspired by Aztec traditions. The ritual combines precious essential oils, soft textures, unique natural elements and the energy of human touch to provide a unique experience of deep relaxation and tranquillity. Long-lasting hydrating and nourishing effects for extremely dry skin to give you that long-lasting feeling of relaxation, soft skin and luxury. A beautiful and sensual way to eliminate stress and its effects on your body. 
    Tribal Hammam  Ritual
    120 min
    70,00 €
    An Arabian steam bath, the secret of the Orient. The Oriental Hammam ritual begins with cleansing and peeling in the Hammam sauna using Moroccan black soap with eucalyptus and olive oil and Kessa gloves. This is followed by a full-body wrap with detoxifying Rhassoul volcanic clay. Your delightful experience will be intensified during a 60-minute argan oil massage.
    Bio treatment - SACRED NATURE / 80 min
    80,00 €
    Ideal for dry and undernourished skins. Intensive nourishing ecocert cosmetic treatment. Thanks to biocertified Ecocert™ formulas, rich of Buriti Oil and Butterfly Bush Extract, it has an intensive cosmetic antioxidant and protective action of the external skin barrier. Intensive nourishing Antioxidant Revitalized skin appearance. For all skin conditions, even the most sensitive ones. 
    Tibetan sound / 120 min
    120,00 €
    Stop the time and let us take you for an intensive ride to regenerate your body and soul. A special massage technique created for Comfort Zone in a Tibetan monastery. This massage uses the power of traditional herbs and the energy of sound of singing bowls used by Buddhist monks in their healing spiritual rituals.                     
    With each massage or body treatment You receive a small snack: a cup of tea and some fruits.

    • Last entry to SAI Wellness is at  20:45 hod (Monday-Thursday, Sunday), 19:00 hod. (Friday and Saturday, otherwise use AQUAPARK reception)
    • Last pasage to AQUAPARK is at 20:45 hod.
    • You have maximum 60 minutes FREE limit to visit SUBWAY restaurant. (To activate any part of this free time, You have to pay with your electronic chip wristband at cashdesk of the restaurant) 
    • Massages more expensive than 50€, You pay at the entry 
    • Maximal amount of services at 1electronic chip wristband  is limited to 100 €
    • The end of  daily service is at 21.45 hod
    • Payment is possible by cash or credit cards: Visa, Visa electron, Maestro Card,...
    • Entry to SAI Wellness is only for adults (+18y)
    • Buying a entry card, You accept VISITOR policy  of our company
    At SAI Wellness it is strictly forbidden: 
    • any kind of sexual activities
    • use cell phones (we are QUIET RELAX AREA)
    • make photos or videos

    For massages and full-body treatments, we recommend you to book your session in advance. Phone: 02/ 45648022, 0903 476 480. Mail: